What file formats do you accept?

We accept all file formats. Vector files are preferred as they are more sticker friendly and produce the best results for your stickers. Example of vector files: EPS, AI, PDF, SVG.

For best results, we recommend minimum resolution of 300dpi. Higher resolution means a better print result.

Steps to check your resolution of your artwork:

1.      Open your file in Photoshop

2.      Remove any unwanted space in the artwork by using the Crop tool.

3.      Go to Image, then Image Size (Alt + Ctrl + I or Option + Command + I)

4.      Untick ‘Resample’

5.      By changing the width and height, the resolution (pixels/inch) will change accordingly. The minimum resolution should be 300 pixels per inch. The associated width and height to the resolution will indicate the print size. 

For the best printing results, your artwork should be in CMYK mode. 

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